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Wednesday Night Dinner

Wednesday Night Dinners are served cafeteria in Merriam Hall style from 4:45 to 5:45 pm on Wednesday nights.

Reservations are needed by 12 noon on Tuesday and can be made by filling out the form below, using the “Communication Card” in the bulletin on Sunday mornings, or by contacting the church office (523-3639).

Chef Salads are available as a substitute to the menu and should be requested before noon on Tuesday. Hot Dogs available for children if requested in advance.

The cost for dinner is:
$5.00 for adults,
$1.50 for children 10 and under
First time guests and dinner volunteers eat for free

The Menu for Wednesday 12/03/2014 will be:

Chef Salad


sloppy joe sandwich

mac & cheese

mandarin orange salad

& cookies


Fill out this form to RSVP:

[contact_form email=”tricia@cbcchurchfamily.org” subject=”WND RSVP”]