The Rainbow Express – February 28th

Rainbow Express February 28th – March 4th

Theme: Windy Weather
Letter: S
Rainbow of the Week: Mariah

Monday, February 28th: Will March come in like a lion or a lamb? We hope to answer that question this week, through Science activities and projects we will discover the wonder of wind. We will also learn about the letter S.
• Math – Chart Question “Do you like green eggs and ham?”
• Science – Capture the Wind. In a plastic bag we will capture the wind. Then we will talk about what fills the bag, how does the air sound, feel, taste, smell, and look? Then we will release the air.
• Language – Introduce letter S and it’s sound / Letter S board, sign for S
• Show n’ tell – group # 1

Tuesday, March 1st:
• Math – Talk about “lion and lamb” days of March. Begin windy chart and for all of March. The chart will require us to track the weather daily.
• Language – Felt board – Rhyming words/nursery rhythms
• Science – Feel the wind
• Music & Movement – Wind and Breeze
• Show n’ tell – Group # 2

Wednesday, March 2nd: Dr. Seuss Birthday – Today will celebrate his birthday with a morning treat, Green Eggs & Ham. We will discuss his job as an author and rhyming words we have many fun activities planned.
• Science – What air will move?
• Language – Write a rhyming story
• Music & Movement – “Freeze” song and dance and listening skills
• Show n’ tell – Group # 3

Thursday, March 3rd:
• Math – Spaghetti Math (long, short, shapes)
• Language – 20 questions box
• Science – Floating/Blowing Bubbles: As we blow bubbles we will discuss how they are made and what makes the move.
• Music & Movement – My Whole Body Can Move (song & dance: body part recognitive)
• Show n’ tell – group # 4

Friday, March 4th:
• Movie Day
• Language – S Bag
• Math – Sort Shapes
• Cook of the week – Cole
• Show n’ tell – Group # 5

Extra: All this week and throughout the month we will be talking about storms. March is often known for the storms and wind it brings. These things are often very frightening for a preschooler. WE will discuss how they make us feel and what can help is when frighten. We will also learn why lighting, thunder and storms occur. When weather permits; this week we will fly our homemade kites.

Centers: Sensory – Shaving Cream
Science – Pin Wheels

Concepts: S sound S words Wind Lion Weather
Air Dr. Seuss Author Lamb Weather
Kites Breeze Blowing Rhyming Words

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