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Updated Children and Youth Ministry Schedules

Central’s Children and Youth ministry teams spend time each year discerning how we can best reach out to families, children, and students in our church and community and occasionally we decide to mix things up a bit. As the new school year begins we are making some changes that you’ll want to be aware of:

Children’s Ministry

Our hope is that by teaching Bible stories and virtues we can play a role in helping prepare the children of our church to become disciples of Jesus who Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. One of the ways that we want to partner with families is to provide additional caring adults in the lives of children who care for them on a personal level and invest in their lives in powerful ways each Sunday morning. This Fall, we are excited about moving toward a new format for Sunday School that gives children a time to hear each week’s Bible story in an engaging way and a time to spend with their Focus Group Leaders that will help them understand how the Bible story and monthly virtue connect with their lives.

Our Sunday morning schedule in Springfield:

9:45 to 9:55
– Plug In: Focus the Energy
– Where? Kids 252 Room (3rd floor)
– Who? K-5
– What? As kids enter the Kids 252 room they will be greeted by their Focus Group Leader. Focus Group Leaders will use this time to develop their relationships with your children by asking them about their week and doing an activity that helps to prepare their minds and hearts to engage with the story and virtue we are learning.

9:55 to 10:15
– Power Up: Large Group Bible Story
– Where? Kids 252 Room
– Who? K-5
– What? Each week we’ll present the Bible story in an engaging way through using storytellers, characters, video, and other means to communicate the Bible in ways that your children will understand and love!

10:20 to 10:45
– Catch On: Make the Connection
– Where? K-2 in Central Station room, 3-5 in Sheila’s classroom (both on 2nd floor)
– Who? K-2 in one group, 3-5 in another
– What? This time is designed to help the kids understand how what they’ve learned applies to their daily lives. Here, they go back to their same Focus Group setting where they’ll discuss real life experiences and participate in a variety of learning activities that will help them make the connection with what they’ve learned that day.

We hope that you will partner with us by:
(1) bringing your children each week so that they can participate
(2) experiment with using the Cue Resources we provide you with each month to help your children grab hold of the Bible stories and monthly virtue

Youth Ministry

In effort to minister to students in a way that engages them at different levels of development we are going to have unique gatherings for our Jr. High and High School students. We will continue to use mentors to invest in the lives of students on a weekly basis.

Our weekly gatherings will be:
Face 2 Face – 4 to 6 PM each Sunday in Merriam Hall in Springfield –  F2F will now be for Jr. High students only.
In Home Bible Studies for High School and College Students – 7 to 8:30 PM each Sunday in the home of one of our students – the goal is to plant ourselves in a location that is convenient for high school and college students living Springfield, Pleasant Plains, and New Berlin to reach and to eventually branch out from one gathering to several.

If you have any questions please contact Josh.


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