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Recycle Springfield Project

Central Baptist Church and Children’s House have partnered with the Green Business Network of Springfield, Inc. (GBNS) and the free Recycle Springfield commercial recycling project. GBNS’ goal is to bring businesses together to share resources, provide education, and increase the amount of everyday waste being recycled versus land filled.

One unique aspect of the Recycle Springfield Project is its partnership with SPARC to provide labor for collecting and processing. This eliminates the need to sort the recyclables; they may all simply be put into any of the designated containers. This partnership also helps promote jobs and economic growth in Springfield.

Recycling containers have been placed around the church and Children’s House. There is a container in the church office, Weber Lounge kitchen, and Merriam Hall kitchen. And, you may have already noticed the special recycling dumpster located next to the waste dumpster in the church parking lot.

This recycling opportunity is being extended to you, the church family, as well. Please use the recycling containers while at church or you may bring your recycling to the recycling dumpster. Attached is a list of recyclable items that are accepted. Please be sure to review the list before dropping off your recycling.

If you have any questions please contact Tricia at 523-3639, extension 17 or by sending her an email. For more information on the Recycle Springfield Project or the GBNS visit their website.


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