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Pre-Interim Staff Responsibilities

Following Dr. Reg Mills’ retirement on May 11th, our church will begin considering next steps for the future. Typically there is an interim period of undetermined length during which the church considers how to meet the pastoral needs of the congregation for the future. This can involve a search process to replace the former pastor or this can mean appointing a current pastor or pastors to fill that role. In the meantime, ministry areas of the church’s life will be staffed by one of our pastors as indicated on the list below.

Should you have questions or thoughts about the transition, Central’s moderator Larry Aldag, and Professional Relations coordinators Bill VanDusen and Dave Law, would be happy to speak with you.

Area or Task Person Responsible
coordinating preaching rotation Josh
financial; budget development business administrator, staffed by Mary Ellen
msc. administration matters & personnel, etc business administrator, staffed by Mary Ellen
property upkeep business administrator, staffed by Mary Ellen
member care (including hospitals) Mary Ellen
children and youth Josh
Children’s House Josh
funerals Mary Ellen
weddings Tricia, Josh
worship related Josh (New Berlin & 11 AM, tech), Mary Ellen (8:30 AM)
general outreach, missions, & community relations Josh
Graham School & Contact Ministries Mary Ellen
adult ministries, Wednesday dinners, etc Mary Ellen
Stewardship Josh
Library Mary Ellen
Sunday School Mary Ellen (adults), Josh (children, youth)
professional relations Josh and Mary Ellen

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