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2020 Graham Christmas Mart

The Christmas Mart of 2020 will be different than past years due to Covid 19. It will be held on December 12, in Merriam Hall, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (assuming more restrictions for Illinois are not put in place in the coming months due to COVID).  Graham parents will still be able to select a want, a wear, a need and a read from the Mart, but there will be no children’s area and no gift wrapping this year.  We will send wrapping paper home with the parents and this is where we can use your help.  We do have quite a bit of wrapping paper, but could use more, preferably a package of several rolls.  We can also use more bows to give the parents.

We have expanded the shopping time to 5 hours. The parents will purchase vouchers in 20 minute increments and there will only be 4 shoppers during each period.  Our goal is to keep contact down to a minimum to keep everyone safe.  For that reason, we will operate with a minimum group of volunteers.  Normally we have to work around the Feast of Plenty and about 30 people work frantically the night before to set up the Mart.  This year we can’t have 30 people working together, but we have plenty of time to set up since all other activities are cancelled.  In spite of Covid rules, we still hope to make this an enjoyable shopping experience for Graham parents. 

All of the gift items were purchased in January and February, but we do need donations to pay for these items.  You may send a check to the church and mark it for Graham Christmas Mart or you may go to our giving page link.

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