April 12, 2020

Call to Worship

How joyful it is, to celebrate the good news of God’s love!
We are called to be Easter people!
Darkness cannot claim us!
Fear cannot bind us!
Christ is risen!
Christ is risen, indeed! Amen!

Responding to God’s Word

Intentionally look for life and pictures of resurrection this week as you celebrate the power of the God we worship. Be aware of the temptation to focus your attention on death and invite the God of resurrection into those spaces.

Supporting Central

We encourage you to continue your faithful support of Central’s ministry in these days. Offerings can be mailed to Central’s office (501 S. 4th St Springfield, IL 62701) or you can make an online offering by clicking here:


  • Many in our congregation are using First 15 as a devotional resource. There are several different ways you can gain access to the First15 devotional.
    Email – you can subscribe to First15’s email list and have an email waiting for you each morning when you wake up. You can sign up directly on their website: https://www.first15.org/
    App – you can download the First15 app on your iPhone or Android mobile device by searching in the App Store for First15.
    Podcast – daily devotions are also available through Apple podcasts and Spotify.