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11/25/12 – Psalms: Majesty…

  We can choose to cling to our small stories where we are running as hard as we can for greatness or we can live into our role as God’s image barers finding the answer to our smallness in the significance that the creator of all things has spoken into our lives. Josh Sabo [powerpress]  

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11/18/12 – Psalms: Enter with Thanksgiving

  If we’ll stop long enough to reflect less on what we deserve and more on what we’ve been given, we will experience God in a powerful way as he reminds us of all that we’ve been given in him Josh Sabo [powerpress]   This is the video mentioned in the middle of the sermon: […]

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11/4/12 – Psalms: The Greatness of God

God’s creation and his Word are testimonies to us of his goodness. As we live into our relationship with God, we too are testimonies for the world around us as the words of our mouths and meditations of our heart please God. Josh Sabo [powerpress]  

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