Church Directory

It’s time for a church directory update!

We have partnered with LifeTouch to create a new pictorial directory. We need your help to make it complete. Our directory will showcase our families, provide contact information and become a useful resource to help keep us connected. There is no cost to you or to have your photographs taken and you will receive a complimentary 8×10 color portrait. Also everyone photographed will receive a printed directory.

Our Photography Dates are:
Monday 6/5/17 1-8 PM
Tuesday 6/6/17 1-8 PM
Wednesday 6/7/17 1-8 PM

You can schedule your appointment on Sunday mornings in the Welcome Center or online here. The online signups will be deactivated each Sunday while we enter signups from church and then reactivated so that we don’t duplicate appointments. If you try to sign up during that window of time and are not able to, please try again at another time.

If you have any questions, contact us at 217-523-3639 or email Tricia.

Thank you so much for participating!