July 26 2020 Worship

Call to Worship

Come, all those who are perfect.

Come, all those who shine with God’s love.

Come, all who live in peace with themselves.

Come, all those whose lives are tarnished.

Come, all those who shy away from God’s love.

Come, all those with dirt in their lives.

Come, all of us,

to the one who loves us,

all of us, no more than another,

all equal,

all forgiven, 

all treasured and loved.

Come let us worship the God of forgiveness,

our God who is love.


As we aspire to be heavenly

in our humanness;

as we try to forgive

in our forgetfulness;

as we seek to heal

in our suffering;

as we seek truth

in a world of falsehood,

may God reconcile us to one another

and to himself.


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Spiritual Guidance

A link to the daily devotional series the First Fifteen

Instructions guiding you through an Examen prayer 

A good app for an Examen prayer for your phone or tablet

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