May 17, 2020

Call to Worship

We’ve come to worship God,

who loved us before we were yet born,

who knows us even better than we know ourselves,

whose presence never leaves us,

and whose love for us never ceases.

This is our God.

Let’s worship today.

Closing Prayer

As we leave this time to continue in our day,

let’s not forget:

There is nowhere we can be where God is not.

Everywhere we go, God goes before us.

From the farthest ocean to the highest mountain,

from the heights of joy to the depths of despair—

wherever we find ourselves,

God is already there.

So go in peace, for we do not go alone.

Supporting God’s Work through Central

We encourage you to continue your faithful support of Central’s ministry in these days. Offerings can be mailed to Central’s office (501 S. 4th St Springfield, IL 62701) or you can make an online offering here:


Our May CBN, with a message from the moderator about recent decisions for the next season of the church, can be found here: