May 3rd, 2020

Call to Worship

(inspired by Matthew 5:13-20, Mark 12:30-31,
Matthew 22:36-40, Luke 10:27)

We are called to bring a new understanding of God:
that God so loves the world.
We are the salt of the earth.
We are called to bring a new hope in God:
that God gives us new life.
We are the light of the world.
We are called to follow
the commandments and the law.
The Law of God is to love God
and to love one another.
Come, let us be the salt of the earth,
the light of the world.
Come, let us love one another
with the love of God.
Let us join together in our love of God
to worship and follow Jesus.

Let us receive and respond to God’s word today.

Responding to God’s Love

Holy God, before time you named us
Through time you redeem us
You call us, precious in your sight
May we love as you love.

Holy One, through the turbulent waters
Make us steady, your hands
Holding strong the fragile and weak
May we love as you love.

Gracious God, may the fruits of our lives
be food for the hungry, bread
clothing, shelter, fire, water, Word
May we love as you love.

God of justice, remove the chaff
Of our lives that keep us from
Hearing, following, Your call
May we love as you love.

Loving God, take this day our fears our
Worries, distractions, and all
Turn them into wheat, heart food
May we love as you love. Amen

~ written by Terri and posted on RevGalBlogPals.

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