Sunday, January 9 2022 Worship

Special Offerings and Regular Giving Opportunities

We are also in need of support for the Graham Christmas Mart, which every year helps disadvantaged families shop for their families for Christmas. Our shoppers get the best sales on good after Christmas and use them in December for a shopping experience that families might not be able to afford. Partnered with Graham Elementary School, we hope to put some smiles on some parents’ faces, as well as their children’s. You can donate to this ministry by making your check to CBC with Graham Mart in the memo, or you can go to this link and donate.

We encourage you to continue your faithful support of Central’s ministry in these days. Offerings can be mailed to Central’s office (501 S. 4th St Springfield, IL 62701) or you can make an offering online through a drop-down menu to Local Ministry, the Fellowship Fund, or to another special offering here:

Wednesday Night Dinner Meals for Contact Ministries

Since we do not know when we will meet again for on-site meals, we will continue the Meal Train for Contact Ministries on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month until further notice. Instructions are on the Meal Train web site. Go to this link: or call the church office 217-523-3639 and Ann will sign you up.

Spiritual Guidance

A link to the daily devotional series the First Fifteen

Instructions guiding you through an Examen prayer 

A good app for an Examen prayer for your phone or tablet